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I dislike this time

of evening...

it's the part where I've already had dinner... I've already done the things I wanted to do... sometimes, like tonight, I've done some extra things to try to make the time pass... and there's really nothing left... nothing's on tv... I've checked and rechecked all the stuff online, played enough on the mud for the day... and then I sit, wondering what else I can do to pass the time until I can sleep.

I did manage to clean the stove and nearby countertops earlier... did laundry... XR Sized... burned a CD for RedneckNinja... got my one php script ready to go.

hmmm, that's about it for accomplishments.

I had a late breakfast, and Wendy's for lunch/dinner.... just had a popsicle for a snack.

waiting for Adult Swim to start. I suppose that will occupy me for the remainder of the evening.

paid bills the other night, even sucked it up and paid that BS parking ticket. I still think it is BS, but I did technically break whatever fucked up law that was.

Anticipating another BS workweek. Hopefully I'll have a chance to work on the next stage of PHP scripts - I'm slowly getting back into it, and I'd like to get some things done while I'm in the mood to do so. I know I have a few work things to do, but they should be minimal.

Prolly Chinese and store for lunch again tomorrow... I kinda like that - the store is pretty empty, so I get out quick... and then have a nice relaxing lunch at Chinese before heading back to work... and then there's food at home for dinner. IT works out pretty well.

I think I'll set a goal for 1 week from today. I need to have the entire living room/kitchen/computer/entryway area cleaned up. This means getting rid of all the papers and receipts and junk lying about here and there. Even if I end up just packing it in the storage room, that will be better than it is now. I should also go through at least one of the boxes in the storage room with an eye towards getting rid of stuff. I want this to happen, I've just been too lazy to get off my bum and do it.

Chichi's cornea exam is tomorrow, so I should know more about the laser eye thing after that. Didn't call them today, prolly will be talking to them tomorrow anyways.

I was feeling a bit sickly earlier, and took a nap.. Feeling a bit better now. Should be over it. Regardless, going to work this week.

Just remembered that my boss is going to be in training tomorrow morning... heh. I may sleep in a bit.

I've been in a buying mood. I'm going to try to stop/curb that. Otherwise, I'll just blow the $ on more DVDs and such. Need to go back to the anti-packrat rule: Must get rid of 2 items before buying one more. I think I've got a balance to get rid of.

Prolly should also be more social... I've been better lately about it when I'm in social situations, but still don't seek them out. There's people I can hang out with, but don't. Of course, the people I truly want to hang out with are spread across the globe. Ah well, once I get the private jet....

RSI is flaring up again, which is strange. I don't think I've been ont he comp more than ususal - but perhaps I have? Wore the brace last night, gonna continue that. Felt much better this morning for it.

I'm still avoiding the big insightful topic post I was thinking of a few days ago... I keep changing what I want to say and how to approach it.

ah well, veg time.

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