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so after waiting for about an hour, I look out the window and my garage is open. I go out with changing the access code in mind. The maint person is cahtting with someone at the office, and basically saying "well, there's a notice, so they have to come talk to you, right?"


Anyway, I look at the instructions as they finish their call, because I know last time it was changed that it was done from the keypad. And the person says "well, once you move your car out, we'll change the access code. Then you'll need to go to the office to sort this out."

I responded with something to the effect of "Forget it. I'm already late, I'm not moving my car, just change the access code."

And they insisted that the only way to change the code is for me to move my car so they can fuck with something on the actual opener unit in the ceiling. So I just walk back inside, find my keys, and come back out. At this point, they say "well, if you can just hit the red button there on the back - I can't reach it - then you don't have to move the car."

I'm about to scream. I hit their stupid fucking button, knowing full well that they're full of shit. Then I put my code in, and it appears to take. I close the door and go back inside. Their parting shot was "You really need to go to the office so we can sort this all out. Oh, and sorry."

And I'm thinking "Yeah, asshole. You and the office really need to sort your heads out of your asses."

What the fuck kind of property management can't keep fucking track of their own fucking units? They've lost track of my shit... 4 times now? That's complete BS. Their job is to keep track of all that, for fuck's sake.

Anyway, so I had this Thai Noodle Bowl thing I bought at the store to try out. It was okay. Then I had a popsicle and some popcorn. And then I napped, since it was the only thing I could think of to calm myself down.

It worked... sort of. I'm a bit less intensely angry, but it's still there. I'm making pasta for dinner now.

I know that I shouldn't let other people's stupidity get to me like this. I KNOW THIS. Yet, it happens. I let it happen. I should just relax and take care of the situation, then let it be. It's not happening like that. Not this time. I'm not letting it.

RedneckNinja told me the other day that I have a reputation for quick anger - any little thing will set me off. I didn't realize that. I can see it now, but it didn't occur to me before. I don't like having that kind of rep. I need to work on that.

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