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So... suffered through a meeting.. then another class... then went home to eat... changed clothes, and headed out to the mall for DDR.

Had a blast. Damien, Novasonic, and a few others were there... Took some pics and danced a bit. I think Damien and/or Nova were trying to kill me... "Let's do this Cata!" *Shudder*

Went home exhausted, showered, and talked to RedneckNinja for awhile... Was intending on crashing early, but decided to sign on to Aard for a bit... Double xp was running, so I figured I'd level real quick then crash.. Except someone asked to group, and we ended up going around killing stuff for awhile... It was after midnight before I signed off and crashed.

Slept pretty well, tho.

Got up and out pretty much on time, was to class early. A quite boring first bit, then we got into design/build of this cardboard treehouse. This was actually fun. Since I used to do this sort of thing when I was in Architecture, it was a breeze. I took control of the thing, and our whole team worked together smoothly to get it done. Our was the most elegant, best looking, functional, and overall best of the class. That, and we were done early.

I headed out to the OCR after that for the monthly "meeting" with the big boss. That was fun, the waitstaff was particularly fetching.

Then to work, were I logged in, caught up on mail, and then proceeded to bs with coworkers.

Now I'm vegging and chatting with CatMistress.

Another hour or so, and I'm out.

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