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I'm not in school anymore. My tolerance for sitting in a classroom while the instructor drones on for hours about topics I couldn't care less about is still at a very low point.

I lasted 2 hours in training today before bailing. It is one of those stupid checklist things - ALL employees much take it... whether it really applies to/affects their job or not.

The instructor claims he usually teaches technical stuff - Cisco, MCSE, etc... I can't really bring myself to believe that. Perhaps he's better at technical than proccess. In any case, he didn't seem to bright. He claims 22 years of Army experience, so that may have something to do with it.

So I bailed, finally got to the PO to mail the PC to Strawberry that I've had sitting for a few weeks ready to go... and a few months still in the bag from when I bought it. Got some Andy Warhol stamps, which I thought were kinda neat - sure beats the love and flag ones.

Now I'm hom, vegging.. playing around online - I couldn't do it in the class due to overcrowding and such, although I did get freecell installed and was playing that a bit - even after one of the other trainers came in and sat right behind me. But other people might give a shit about the class, and I had a person looking over my shoulder after awhile.

I got rather annoyed - although not as much as the instructor did - when people showed up between 1-2 hours late for the class. That was part of my justification for leaving - if they get full credit for it, then I should be able to take off and get full credit. Not really - really, I don't care and usually miss parts of classes when I can't bear to sit there anymore.

I'm already getting a bit nervous about the possiblity of the laser eye surgery. The rents just had to go and tell of the horrors it involves. Dammit.

Been thinking about toys. Trying to be good, but... They're calling me. Bike, Speakers, PC, Laptop, DVDs, Sword, and a few other things.

Guess I'll turn this off for a bit, watch more US Open tennis, and eat lunch. Have a team meeting after that, and then some other training.

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