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not done with the vacation post yet. it'll be worth it, but... damn.

so today.. hit snooze once... didn't wanna face the day... that made me later than I wanted by the time I got to work, but oh well.

Got to work, caught up on email... *twiddle* chatted a bit with Exodus, and started to work on the vacation post.

lunch was a trip to the store for food, then Chinese.

back to work... more vacation post work... then some work work... chatted with Oz for a bit.. more vacation post. I was really on a roll, then my boss left.. so I followed soon after.

came home, picked up the package, mudded... ate... then watched the Escaflowne movie... took a break midway to mud a bit more, then... was right at the climax battle scene when RedneckNinja called...

we talked for a few hours I think... was fun, lots of topics, etc..

then back to the movie. finsihed it. I liked it enough to not be disappointed that I bougth the collector set. I'll ahve to rewatch it to get a better feel for it. I didn't hate it like Jingoro, Beldurin, RedneckNinja, and Yakumo did. Hate Hitomi's character design... Loved Millarna. Looked like the males had been designed by CLAMP, with Van being Kamui....

Chatted a bit with Ankh, Oz, and Yakumo.. now bed.

tomorrow, I've got to finish the last 2 days of the vacation post... then start another long post/rant I've got in mind. oh and hat day at work.

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