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rushed home from work a bit early... got changed, went to ddr...

FINALLY passed a Cata! My Summer Love... it was VERY close, but it happened... Rodimus also passed it at the same time... I failed all the other ones I tried, but my goal for the day was one cata passed... and I did.

Now I ache... I haven't done ddr like that in a LONG time... I didn't stop until my lungs were on fire and my stomach was cramping...

came home, ate... watched an esca disc, got another one ready to go now...

tomorrow - work, blah... gotta leave a bit early to get the machines gone... prolly burn some cds and start packing after...

was thinking I might see if S wants to apt sit and clean for me....

not sure what I wanna take with me yet... kinda wanna keep it small and compact... but I usually do that when I fly... since I'm driving, I have the luxury of taking whatever I want....

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