Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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oil done

so went to get the oil changed, met Rodimus at the dealer... went to Ruby's for lunch... greeter was a bitch who rolled her eyes when I asked for a booth - place was DEAD, all she had to do was move 10 feet.... but she copped an attitude.

anyway, our actual server was very good, and the food was better than I recalled. talked about quite a few things, including ddr tonight where we're going to try to pass some catas... and changes at work.

went back to pick up my car, noticed the odometer was at 13,000 exactly... kinda neat.

back at work.. bleh... I've been tasked with "making it work".. right... not likely, although I am trying.. no idea where to start, really.. tcp/ip connection is shutting itself off for no apparent reason.

hmm.. chatted a bit with Exodus earlier... what else.... I'm still brain fried...

been stepping up the stretching and such at home at night to try to get into a little better shape... seems to have picked up my physical self image a bit, if nothing else.

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