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went home more or less on time yesterday... vegged, ate, etc... had a call from the rents regarding corneas - has to go to a specialist to see. watched the 2nd esca disc and burned some cds for rain... vegged to tv, then crashed kinda early after x games.

slept ok for a few hours at a time... got up and out alittle late, then stopped by bank and gas...

still having problems at work, we're not sure how to do what we need to - developers decided to go around the api instead of using it, so our normal methods don't work.

since boss and above are at a lead meeting, and I was left to "play around" even though I'm stuck and pretty much fried and unwilling to devote too much enegry to it, I may just go ahead and take off to get the oil changed, then lunch, before returning.

just a little longer.. that's all I need... can survive until fri night, then drive out of this state for awhile.

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