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lesse.. yesterday... I set the laptop up on a 100mbit connection to back everything up to the desktop... while that was going, I broke out all the CD binders and organized them... that took quite awhile, and I didn't organize withing each binder, but I've got them categorized now at least...

called the rents... informed them I wouldn't be making it to obaasan's big b-day party... was informed I would be the only grandchild not there. *shrug* I can't think of a worse fate than to be stuck with ALL the family like that. *shudder* But I did concede that I would be there for T-day instead.

called Ankh to chat for a bit, they were in a confrontational mood, which was amusing for awhile...

Decided to try this fajitas-in-a-bag thing I bought at the store on Sat night... Cokked them up pretty easily, no major snafus, added a bunch of hot stuff in... and proceeded to eat them all... >_< They were good, cheap, quick, and convenient... Will have to do that again.

Vegged, etc.... RedneckNinja called, we chatted for awhile... heard about all the snafus with Jingoro moving in...

Tried to watch Adult Swim, but was out of it and not into the shows this time, so headed to bed early.

Slept pretty well, didn't wanna get up for work - but did.

Got to work, got my reports done from last week's testing... headed home for lunch, renewed my apt lease for another 7 months while telling them they screwed up my current 7 month lease....

Got back to work, sent out my reports... hung around chatting for a bit, then the boss came over to say we weren't going to be doing anything until about 10am tomorrow... so I headed out.

I intended to go get my oil changed, the car washed, then the post office, and the ATM... But I figured I'd stop by the eye doc before that and see if they had any openings for today, just in case...

Got there, they weren't open from lunch break quite, then went in and managed to score an appointment pretty quick... filled out paperwork... waited... read Fortune magazine for a bit, until they called me in.

The usual tests... I had a hard time not anticipating the glaucoma puff test... then back to the exam room... the dr was pretty good, did more tests... figured out that one eye got slightly better - the other, slightly worse... discussed laser surgery and options, etc... need to get some info from chichi on their eyes (doin that now via phone). But it looks like I'll be getting lasered pretty soon.

Since they dialated me, I went ahead and went home to nap and recover...

woke up, caught up online.... need food now.

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