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consciousness is overrated.

I got up and logged onto work without waking up... once I saaw the bs that was waiting for me, however...

Anyway, I grabbed some test results, cleaned them up, and sent them out. When you see 3 sets of test results, where 2 have
40 different transaction being hit up to 4000 times each versus 1 test where there was 1 transaction being hit 7 times... And you realize that this is exactly the same test run before and after someone screwed with the server...

HELLO!?! You've got a problem with your app!

But noooooo, this idiot just keeps saying "well, I can log in manually, so the app is fine"

If that were a valid point, I wouldn't need to LOAD TEST the fucking thing, now would I?

I also ran a single user, just to see what happens - fucker can't even LOG IN to the app, much less do anything else. And the response? HTTP 503.

So I sent that, left a voicemail, and logged off. Caught up online - for some reason, all my cookies were nuked.

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