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out of it

so I did a particularly nasty campaign on the MUD... I got most of the mobs, located the areas pretty quickly... But this one last mob.. ARGH. Easy lvl 1 mob.. level 1-35 area. Arrgo. The mob I needed was behind several locked doors, had to kill multiple level 20-35 mobs who assisted. Eventually won.

talked briefly with Morphine... I'm really not sure what I agreed to - I was already spacing. I know I was invited to something involving cakes... and something about the bike shop... headed out to DDR... did a few things, nothing really new... Filled up my digicam media again...

came home, called S and chatted about stuff... then called Ankh back... got online and chatted with Jingoro, Beldurin, and Exodus.... near the end I was pretty much incoherent. Finished my late dinner, and went to bed...

took awhile to get to sleep, but I slept hard. Woke up around 4am and tossed for a bit, but finally fell back...

Got up at 6-something to be in to work at 7... realized once I got here that I was supposed to work at 8, and can't start anything until at least 10....

S mentioned the possibility of lunch today, but they were also working at 2am, so.. we'll see... I prolly need to have another good lunch today...

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