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lovely weather

the weather has been so nice of late... it's cooled off... nice breezes... esp at night.. I've had the AC off and windows open...

lesse.. went to Chinese for lunch yesterday... late... after a meeting that ran WAY late...

when I got back to work, the boss told me to go home. So I took care of oone last idiot, then left...

Vegged for a bit, then decided it was naptime... unplugged the phone so I wouldn't be distrubed - I was WAY out of it...

Next thing I know, I'm at the door... UPS person did a really loud, obnoxious, police-type knock which had me up and at the door before I realized what was going on... let alone that I was mobile.

Anyways, package from Chichi... throwing stars, pocket knives, a proof set from my birth year, a cd of digicam pics, and a check to cover the eBay stuff...

So I wrangled myself to consciousness, had dinner... donated to arrd, which got me 2 very nice pieces of quest eq... an dpretty much just chatted, mudded, and vegged the rest of the night....

Convinced Beldurin to give Aard a try... which was interesting.

Finally crashed, couldn't sleep for awhile... finally relaxed and slept VERY well... woke up and wandered into work.

Now.. nothing. The biggest thing I've done so far is figure out my vacation schedule for the rest of the year.

I decided not to go to grandparent's 80th bday... I'm planning on going to visit them for t-day instead. I also scheduled off everything from a few days before xmas until after new year's... in hopes I'll actually have something fun to do.

Supposedly, I've got lunch with S... and bike shopping later on... We'll see. I may DDR tonight, I may not... kinda feeling sickly today - or at least not up to par.

Hell starts tomorrow... 7am shifts for 7 days straight.

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