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ugh light, work

Was working until about 2am... I actually napped a bit after I kicked off 1 of each test, since they ran for an hour each and I was fried... Got the results, went to bed.. slept... Had alarm and mobile off... home phone is off since I just paid my bill for the past 3-4 months last night.

Somewhere in there, Jingoro got back on ICQ... and I called Ankh to chat for a bit. Watched that new show on History channel, Mail Call...

Morning, got up, showered, ate, and wandered in to work... took my time finding a parking spot inside since it looked like storms were likely.

Did a few little things while waiting for the boss to get back from a meeting with the Director... Confirmed that I prolly need to rerecord all the scripts for the newer app... Then I find out that they're having issues and didn't tell me, so who knows if any of my testing so far has been legit or not... Gott wait until afternoon for the older app people to review the logs from testing yesterday/last night.

Rodimus came by and wanted to go to Chinese for lunch, I declined... prolly head home later instead. They also asked about LJ, which struck me as a bit odd - they've never really shown interest in it before.

Decided to look for an app to do batch image resizing so I don't have to keep doing it by hand each time I take 150 pics and want to post them... Tried something else, then found Picture Tray... It is pretty much exactly what I wanted.

Still gotta find a nice HTML album generator that produces clean code... I've been using the plugin for ACDSee, but... I have to keep cleaning up the code each time.

Starting to get a little headache indication... May have to go home to eat sooner than I expected.

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