Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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well that was interesting

was just preparing to nap when the neighbors knocked, inviting me to dinner... so I got dressed and, after a slight delay due to my misunderstanding, I went over...

had something, I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was good. Sat around and looked at pictures and talked for awhile, then finally said I had to work and left...

But interesting, much different than I expected for the eveing, which was a good thing. They're both just out of college, and still in college spending mode... Both did medical research... I could swear the one was flirting with me, or at least being suggestive at times... Tho they kept talking about their SO.

Anyways, no to catch up with online and see if I work yet.

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