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I rock

work sucks.

I managed to get to work and get the script recorded before the boss called... they called to say they'd be in at 11...

people still haven't fixed things.. in fact, I think more things are broken now than before.

So I got that script done, sent out a few status emails... then went home for lunch before the boss got in.

Vegged at home, no big deal...

Came back to work early... Continued working on my scripts... Got stuck on one... Some of them were cake - one variable and they're set. This one, though... I finally decided that I'm not going to have time to really customize this one, so I'll run it with the hardcoded values... I have to get a run in before tomorrow morning of these... plus another run of the same one I've been trying forever.

This one is so stupid. 70 transactions per hour - I could do it by hand, nearly. I'm used to a coupld thousand minimum, 70 is just an insulting waste of time. If the app can't handle that, it's even more crap than I think it is already.

I was going okay for awhile, now I'm in rebellion mode again... full anti-doing anything burned out whining/bitching.

Which is okay for now, I suppose... I just need this to be over already.

complete nonworking vacation away from here is what I need... next week, perhaps... not sure yet.

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