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spent 5+ hours there, took tons of pictures...

met one of the antagonists.

another one pissed me off.

by the time I left, I was freaky... still am. Too much time with the crowds for my taste.

Hopefully, next one will be smaller.

I have something like 250 pics to downsize and rotate and crop and such. bleh.

MUDed for a bit.

but concentration quickly fleeing. I need some alone time.

I'm not feeling too bad physically today, despite the sudden flurry of aerobicism of late.

But I'm still gone mentally. WAY gone.

Just a bit of time to myself should do the trick.

Rodimus and S and Morphine and Hunnybee are out shopping/dinner. They went to the other chinese place, which I tried... and wasn't that into. It was okay, but I also feel like kind of a traitor if I don't go to the normal place. They're so good to me there.

I'm a bit restless, but can't seem to find a good outlet, so I'll prolly roam around the apt, maybe do a bit of organizing/cleaning... or perhaps mess stuff up even worse, who knows? Most likely end up vegging on the couch to tennis like I am now, but with comp off.

I'm kinda glad I'm out of beer, and haven't been into the rum lately... I think it would be a bad idea at this point.

Have things to do - personally, and for work... I'm definately intending to put them off until tomorrow, though I might hceck work email briefly.

I also know if I stay in this mood that I will be hungry and snacking all night... with not much to snack on.

Ah well, all in all, not too bad.

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