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spent 4+ hours at the arcade

took entirely too many pics... ran out of media.. also found a little bug, for some reason when I cleared the pics off, the space didn't reclaim... I reformatter the cards and I think it's all ok now.

finally came home, showered, talked to Ankh... realized I was in a suprisingly good mood, considering how worn out I was. I think I started getting back into DDR mode finally... Which is probably very good for my health - mental and otherwise.

snacked slightly...

settled down to veg and mud... chatted a bit with Hunnybee...

Jingoro called... mobile to mobile when we're both in odd zones doesn't work too well, really. Figured out that my home LD is disconnected - not sure why, prolly $2 overdue or something stupid like that. Anyways, finally got the whole story of the breakup... ugly. We moved on to lighter topics before my battery ran out.

At this point.. dunno. I'm kinda used to trying to be up for another hour or two... but I'd like to sleep...

tomorrow looks like I'm going to the tourney and taking a bunch more pics. Other than that, who knows?

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