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I didn't update yesterday... couldn't find the mood to.

let's see.. Wed night sucked. Tried to login to work, couldn't. So I drove in instead - managed to remember my ID before I left the complex this time. Got there, parked illegally, hauled that box of old magazines up to my office - it hurt.. I walked up the stairs with it.

Sat down at my test machine, and it wouldn't let me in. Tried several times, no luck. Looked at a few of the other machines, then tried my own ID - worked that time, and was able to reboot and login as the test ID. Started a test, then left.

Back home, still couldn't get in. No idea why. Quit for the night, frustrated.. think I drugged myself to sleep.

Slept in a little on Thurs morn. Got to work AFTER the big boss's meeting - oops. Managed to give away quite a few of the magazines and avoid the boss.. went to lunch with S and Rodimus.

Hayward's. It was fun, although the relentless interest by Rodimus in S could be annoying at times. Back to work.

Finally talked to the boss and had a few things to do to keep me occupied until I left around 3. Went home.

Vegged for a bit, tried to nap - only ended up drifting slightly. Ate, stretched out, and went to DDR.

Was at DDR pretty early, saw someone pretty interesting - took pics... Played hard on DMX and DDR, then took more pics as more people arrived. Fixed the PB machine, I'm out of practice on it. Reporter arrived, and they mostly ignored me. It was a good crowd, though, and amusing.

finally left around 8:30... came home to shower, veg, etc... had a snack, and pretty much just waited until midnight to work. Chatted with Beldurin briefly about the Esca discs. Finally decided to set my alarm and drift... Was conscious well before then, and waited 15 minutes, staring at the clock, to start.

Started the first test, then slept. Had alarm set for 1 - woke up, saw the 1st test had errored out... didn't care, started the 2nd test and went to bed to sleep.

This morning, woke up early - could have been to work on time. Decided not to. Logged on, sent some emails about what I saw at first, and told my boss I'd be working from home.

Continued to work a bit, then logged off and caught up on personal stuff. Now debating a nap or a shower or what.... Ate brakfast, but groggy still. Got my initial work done for the day - have a lunch meeting in 2 hours with the big boss. Prolly have to do actual work after.

haven't heard of any weekend plans, besides tomorrow's DDR afternoon

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