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The Talk

Well, Chichi had the discussion with me a bit earlier... He stated that in today's current job market, it was ridiculous that I was taking months to find a job. I retaliated by stating that I had wasted several months waiting for the startup to happen, then was strung along on several other prospects, one by one. I had only recently been intensifying my search. He seemed to be royally pissed at this news.

He proposed that I wake up each morning at 7:00am, get dressed, etc and spend the next 8 hours on a job search. Now, I understand this concept in theory, don't get me wrong. But, come on. I am not that kind of creature. I am much more suited to performing raids on the job sites every few nights, then dealing with the fallout. I told him flat out that this wasn't going to work for me. He wasn't pleased.

He also wants me to (heh) keep a journal of all the effort I've made each day/week, and a plan. Along with this is a series of goals, in the 1 year, 5 year, and beyond ranges. These are more good ideas in theory, which don't bear out in practice by my particular lifestyle.

Ah well. I am genuinely self-motivated to get a job ASAP. I am working towards this, and did put in a few hours today doing such. I have appointments tomorrow. I am, in fact, Working On It.

Looking over my shoulder is simply counter-productive. Either you trust me or you don't deal with me. I have integrity, drive, and self motivation. If I say I'm doing something, then I am. If I say I'm going to do something, then I will.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things. I am arranging a phone interview with someone in Japan, who missed calling last week due to illness. I'm signing paperwork tomorrow, as well as fielding at least 3 phone interviews.

And _The Diamond Age_ by Neal Stephenson is just as good a book as I remember it being.

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