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was in a horrible mood last night... talked to Hunnybee a bit, but realized I wasn't being friendly, just bitchy...

so I logged off completely... turned the lights and such off... and called Ankh.

we ended up talking for something like 3+ hours... about all sorts of things. and when they finally hung up and went to sleep, I realized I was in a much better mood.


Anyways, finally got to sleep.. tossed and turned a bit... didn't wanna get up at all this morning. Eventually realized I wouldn't be getting back to sleep anyway, so I got up and out to work.

And work has been okay so far... I've had a few things to do, so the time so far as flown by. I'm on a conference call, and on 2 machines besides my own laptop running test, sending emails, etc... and I still have time to update my LJ.

anyways... supposed to go to lunch with S and Rodimus prolly... If they don't cancel.

And since we seemed to have addressed all the errors on the one app, I'll have to be up and running tests tonight from midnight to 2am.


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