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Fuckin eh

work sucked

came home, tried to veg and nap...

fucking call from work... turns out idiots lit a fire under themselves for a ticket I opened on FRIDAY. And, of course, I had the solution to the issue in my email.. so I retested it and closed the ticket.

Then Rodimus dropped by with a nice big bottle of the Cap'n, so I got distracted......

Then my boss calls me telling me they're waiting on this call for me - I tell them I've closed the ticket, they don't care. So I call in, and they're talking about getting this and that person on to investigate this and that... and I say "Yes, we worked and found the solution, the ticket should be closed." They're stunned. Then they try to keep my on to talk about other issues, and I reply with "That's my only ticket." and hang up.

I hate that crap. I opened the ticket 4 days ago, and it's just now a big deal? fuck that shit. *I* worked on it, and *I* found the solution with the help from someone else. YOU fuckers IGNORED the damn thing for 4 days, don't come telling me that it's a big deal that has to be worked at 8-fucking-pm when I'm home trying to get to fucking sleep. Why the fuck don't you crawl back in your holes and see if you can get a fucking stable enviroment set up so I can do my goddamn job without all these bullshit interruptions. Fuck.

I could have had everything done by myself in a week if I had no interruptions and a stable environment. Instead, I've spent the past 3-4 weeks along with the other 3 members of my team trying to accomplish anything while these assholes hide issues and keep bouncing servers like they're basketballs.

It pisses me off that I've had to sit on my ass at work for all these hours doing nothing important, waiting to get the chance to do anything. And now we're supposed to do 4 weeks worth of work in the next 7 days.

I'm not cut out to be a wage slave. Somone hit the fucking lottery and set me up a trust fund.

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