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ok so I haven't recieved my DVD box yet, and Planet Anime has been down every time I've checked the site. The only mail I got on Sat was a credit card bill. bleh.

I realized sometime midday yesterday that I was trying to fight off some sort of illness. So I ate pretty much all day long, and took a late nap. Felt like crap. Vegged. Etc.

Went out to Wendy's for dinner. Felt even worse, after.

Tried to watch Adult Swim, but wasn't really into it. The Harvey Birdman with the Flintstones was freaking hilarious though. And the Sealab 2021 with the Stimutex was good, I hadn't seen the first part last time I caught it. But Home Movies and Mission Hill just... bleh.

Did laundry, started late... tried to get to sleep on the couch since my bedclothes were in the wash... and insomnia hit. It was even storming outside. I opened the blinds and watched the rain and lightning.

Partial power loss and cable modem went out. Still had cable/tv tho.

Noticed a white van parked nearby that had its windows open and had a paranoia moment. I took pics of it.

Finally bedclothes were done and I was still awake, so I made the bed and went to sleep.

Slept like crap, ended up turning off the alarm and sleeping in for a bit. It helped.

Got to work so late I had to park on the roof... have windows and sunroof open - hope it doesn't rain.

Got to work and... no email. Nothing to do but wait. joy.

Now I'm waiting for someone to figure out their job... time's running out.

Think I'm gonna take a late lunch during the outage we have and work from home the rest of the day. Knowing tehm, outage will last all night anyways.

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