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ninja dreams

so went to get the bike last night with Morphine.. stupid thing wasn't big enough... gotta go to a real shop and figure out options... wen over to their place and just vegged....

saw this Danzig video... you know, the one with the milk and cat ears.... damn.

came home, had a message from RedneckNinja, but it was late..

slept in. late.

eventually got up and showered, mudded, ate...

and took a nap, sorta... let the tv play on low volume, turned the laptop off, closed my eyes... and just drifted for awhile...

phone rang.

mobile rang, RedneckNinja. we talked for a bit, caught up on the week - including digicam, jingoro, etc... they've been not sleeping, somehow inherited my insomnia. also very strange dreams. They're thinking a new sword will help.

the rest of the day was eating, vegging, and mudding. had to turn the ac back on, it was getting warm in here.

nothing really exciting, but... didn't need to be.

tried to log on and work a few times, but my boss was tying up the machine I needed to use, so...

now doing the nighttime catchup on email and such before I crash.

hmmm, whatever else I was going to say just left me.

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