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work sucked... a "2 hour unplanned outage" at 10am..... at 5pm when I left, it still wasn't back up 100%.

I've been thinking about that last entry, and I think I'm fooling myself a bit.

What I was thinking at the time is that there was nothing to break. That's a bit more accurate. I definately didn't want to break anything, but it seemed to me like there was nothing there.... stupid me, I suppose.

I should know better, but... dunno.

anyways, sometime this weekend I'm going to go buy a nice if cheap bike... Morphine and Hunnybee bought theirs today, and S got one a few weeks ago.

I feel on the verge of something... not sure if it's good or bad....

tonight seems to be mellow and solo.

have to work briefly tomorrow.

or maybe tonight.

gotta check the mail eventually, see if the DVD box came in. was gonna try to get home early to do that, in case it was at the PO or apt office... didn't happen.

hope to hear from RedneckNinja tonight.

gotta make sure I get something done this weekend, ebay- or cleaning- wise.

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