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yeah midnight

talked to chichi yesterday for a bit... they managed to find the other newspapers still in the trash to put up on ebay since the first one did so well.

so the midnight testing failed miserably. I crashed the entire cluster. took them until after noon to figure that out.

did some various work...

came home for lunch with Rodimus.

chatted a bit with the prospective buyer... they still want the machines, but not anytime soon.

went back to deal... some idiot removed my id, so it's no wonder the testing didn't go right. took them a few hours to figure that out, then I was getting another error.... I left a little after 5 when they still hadn't figured it out yet.

chatted briefly with Hunnybee, it's their anniversay tonight.

came home, did a few quests on the mud, had dinner, and headed out to ddr... which was surprisingly fun.. tho I'm sore now. met some new people, managed to zone out on DMX2 and do a few new things... finally left for home and a shower.

started vegging... Jingoro calls...

So they ask me what was going on between me and their SO... Also saying they KNOW their SO has been cheating on them for awhile now... I said we had been flirting and such, and my intent was never to break them up. Truth. So we chat a little more, then they go off to kill things.

I'm going to log on in a bit and see if I have to run tests again tonight.

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