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On toys and road rage

I did it.

I went and bought it.

It's groovy.

Olympus D-520Z.

It was on sale, and the people at the store were really clueless... and I have to go back because the sale package included a extra 64MB media... only they gave me CompactFlash instead of SmartMedia.

Then I went to the store for some bread and DrP, and home for lunch... yay.

Opened and played a little with the toy...

Headed back to work.

Remind me to never, EVER, take 119th ever again... It was backed up for 4 lights.

I finally get to the left turn off of it, and I'm second in line in the left-left lane. Some other people come up in the right-left lane... Light goes, we turn...

This idiot decides that he doesn't want to be in the right lane anymore, and so speeds up to try to cut me off. I creep up a bit closer to the SUV in front of me so he doesn't have room to do so, and will have to go behind me. He keeps trying, speeding up and slowing down and swerving to try to get me to back off and let him in. I play it cool and stay where I am. The SUV in front of me is turning at this point, so I slow down about the same time he finally drops back to cut the person behind me off. The SUV turns, and I accelerate... idiot gets right on my ass and stays there. I start slowing down to stop at the stop sign, and I hear his breaks screech and his horn honking - both of which I ignore. I look and make my turn... He turns without looking, swerves into the lane beside me, and starts swerving and such to get my attention. I keep ignoring him. I get into my turn lane and slow down, and he finally shoots off past me. Most of that time he was probably gesturing and screaming and carrying on, not realizing that it was his errors that caused the whole thing. I probably pissed him off even more by ignoring him, of which I'm glad. Serves him right for being an idiot.

I know it's easy to get irritated at traffic, especially when it's as packed and motionless as it was. That does not excuse being an idiot and cutting people off and all that. Your turn signals are to make others aware of your intentions, they do not give you the right to cut others off and generally drive stupidly.

Anyway, might have convinced V to go get a digicam like mine. R brought in their new Sony Vaio laptop.. it's very nice and small, but underpowered and underfeatured for my taste.

It looks like I'll have to do a few things at work this afternoon, as well as try that midnight thing again.

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