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we make our own hells

before I get on with the events of today, I simply must summarize yesterday....

about 2 minutes after I finished the previous entry, Morphine called to tell me to meet them at Thai... they called back as I was driving in to inform me of a traffic jam, so I took an alternate route and beat them there. Heh.

We sat in the dark part this time, which I would have liked if not for the birghtness of the windows I was facing. There was a table full of eye candy... We had thai toast, spicy basil chicken (medium all around) and ice cream... yummy

We agreed to head back to my place after, but I had to stop by the bank to deposit the $ Rodimus had given me... And on the way I almost got busted by about 3 cops (I was trying to hurry) and the other thing...

I turned left behind 2 other cars.. one went into the right lane, the other left... I went right... the person was crawling along, so I took my foot off the gas and just coasted. I wanted to make a right to get into this parking lot for the atm... they kept poking along in the same lane, I used my signal, swung right into the turn lane and let my momentum carry me past their rear tires...

Suddenly, they decide they need to turn right.... so they start turning RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. So I lay on the horn and hit the brakes... they end up being half-turned and stop in the middle of the entrance/exit... I go ahead and slip by them, make a hard right, and then a left into the atm... And I almost get creamed by an SUV who is cutting across several parking lanes in the proccess..

So the old fogey who tried to cut me off comes into the lot while I'm making my deposit, first from the front, then they swung around behind me.. I pull out and head on my way and lose sight of them. I don't know what they were... never mind, they were obviously NOT using whatever brain cells they had left.

So I practically race home.

chat with Hunnybee on ICQ for a bit until they're ready to come over.. I go ahead and MUD a little while I'm waiting.

They come over, we have a few beers, play some Lynx linked games, and then decide to watch Adult Swim in lieu of a movie... when Baby Blues comes on a second time, they leave... I MUD a little more, then crash late... about 1:30am...

Slept funky... dunno why... Woke up early and tossed and turned a bit... then got up and out... Saw one of my neighbors and one of the party guests I missed form yesterday... Then to class right about on time.

So I'm sitting next to Hawkwind, and the other seats are pulling up.... the person on my other side asks me a question, which I respond to... and I glance up... and my protective vision cuts in.

As a side note here, I have a very well developed vision protection system... It has been trained by years of congoing and seeing things that should NEVER be allowed in private, let alone walking around in public. Basically I DO NOT SEE anything that would be disturbing... My brain refuses to proccess it... I know there's something there, but I could never describe what it is - its existence is never acknolwedged.

Anyway, back to the plot. Yes, it was Taz. I had a feeling that would happen, because I knew they were going to one of these classes. It just happened to be this one. After Taz, another person comes in... I think (I'm really not sure at all) that it was someone who had persued Taz previously as well - they have the same name, but there are a few of those.

So the entire class I never really see them - I am aware that they are there and looking at me or moving or whatever, but I do not look at them. The only times I really relax is when they're not in the room - which is quite alot, since they keep walking out to answer the phone.

Anyway.. the class. It's very interesting, I'm actually learning alot - but even better I'm gaining a better understanding of some of the concepts I was unclear of before... Especially relating to both what the app does and some of the database concepts I had come across while teaching myself MySQL.

The instructor.. I'm not sure what my verdict is on them. They seem to be of Turkish decent, but learned English by way of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Canada. They occasionally have pronunciation, stress, and accents from all of those areas - it's hard to pin down. They've got a very good style in their teaching, but they tend to spend too much time ensuring we're awake and asking us if we're following ok for my taste.

The other people in the class - I've worked with many of them on projects, so it's pretty nice.. I wish I could replace a few with some other, closer friends, but... In all, it's not too bad.

I went to the post office over lunch to Priority mail Oz's money. Of course there was a huge line. I went home for lunch, and made sure to take my time - I knew I'd be late getting back.

Somewhere in the afternoon, Taz gets into a heated discussion with several of the other people about current situations... And the instructor let it happen... and let it keep going... *shrug* Then they go out for a long call, and state when they get back that they will probably be pulled from the class.

Hmm.. I think that's about it. I need to catch up online and log on to check work, maybe do a litte bit. And eat. And MUD. And veg. And XR Size. And take some pics with the digicam I borrowed from Morphine. And a little bit of putting laundry away and such.

So.. yeah.

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