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I went to Chinese for lunch yesterday, since dinner plans were still sketchy... Saw one of the regulars, who was looking HOTT, HOTT, HOTT! Damn.

Anyways, back to work.. did a bit of work, and then wasted the rest of the time doing anything to keep busy. Mostly chatting on and offline...

Discussed dinner with Morphine and Hunnybee... Said I wouldn't be going if it was Chinese or Japanese... The three of us thought Panera or BBQ sounded really good...

Left around 4... Just in time, too... I was pulling the car out of the garage at work when the rain started... By the time I got home, there was a nice shower going.

Decided to work on my supernewbie on the MUD...

Got a call from Rodimus a couple hours later saying they were going to Japanese, so I bowed out. Told them to call me after.

Went back to MUDding... Oz called.. they want their $.. urgently... So I need to deposit checks today, write the check out to them, and mail it priority on Mon.

Back to MUDding... finally found some people with a clue and got some new gear.... It's kinda tricky staying at level 1, all the gear is EXPENSIVE. Luckily, I found someone with rich friends who doesn't care too much about the gp.

RedneckNinja calls... I stop MUDding for a bit, and we talk for something like 2 hours... They let me go finally to get beer...

I go out for beer and food for lunch for the next few days... Go to the store first, get food.. Didn't like the beer selection. Some annoying old couple is in line, they're very chatty.... the keep distracting the checkout person (who was cute), and I give short andswers to questions they ask... they don't get the hint. I go to the store at 10pm in order to avoid people.

Anyway, get out of there, almost run them over as I leave (I know, I know... it wasn't THAT close...) and go to the liquor store... closed... so I drive over to another one... closed. dammit. I don't feel like driving across state lines or to another store, so I just head home.

Wtf, why would a LIQUOR STORE be CLOSED that EARLY on a FRIDAY night? I know, some uppity local ordinance.... but really... let's be realistic here... it's dumb. I guess I forgot since I rarely even think of buying beer so late. I'm still used to the old college town where they're open until something like 2am.

So back home... I hadn't taken my phone with me... Was kinda tired, and figured if no one had called by 10, then they weren't going to call...

I had 2 calls. Ankh called to chat... and Rodimus had called saying they were ready for whatever was next... I didn't respond to either.

Then I get back on the comp, and Morphine ICQ'd saying they were gonna stay home and bake cupcakes for the family bbq tomorrow... but I was welcome to head over... I didn't respond.

So, back to MUDding... attended a class, got to ask questions of some VERY knowledgeable people... and just when I was about to log off, the one with rich friends made a deal with me to do a few little things, which I did... It wasn't too bad a deal, I got a good item out of it. And then my Quest timer was so close, I just waited and did one last quest before crashing...

Slept pretty well, tho I woke really early... decided to go ahead and get up/shower... eat breakfast, and catch up online. I'll prolly nap later.

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