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umm yeah

S bailed on lunch, so went with Rodimus, J, G, and M to OCR.

Another worthless day at work otherwise, as far as work went...

However, while poking around for webdev stuff to install locally, I came across EasyPHP. This thing rocks. It's Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin in a single installer exe. You just install it, and it all runs together. Can't believe how easy and quick it was... So I did a bit of DB design and such after that, which helped to waste some time. I know I was talking to someone a few days ago about this kind thing, but I can't remember who it was.

Lesse... Chatted a bunch with various people... That's about it for work...

Went home nearly on time for once, ate, MUDed, XR Sized, vegged... pretty much took it easy, then crashed... nothing really exciting happened, unless you count my supernewbie's winning bid of only 111 on a 13 stat light on the mud.

Crashed early, really... slept.. well, okay... woke up a bit early, and decided just to come on in with the idea that I'd go home earlier this way...

Today at work would seem to be uneventful and dull. Tonight was still being negotiated last I heard fro Hunnybee. We were thinking Chinese as a start, but maybe there's an alternative instead. Tomorrow I know Hunnybee and Morphine are going to some BBQ, so I'll prolly veg and such. Sun, look like Thai or Wendy's for dinner.. Only I had a little index card tied to my door this morning which invited me to a apt-warming at a neighbor's place, so... we'll see...

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