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didn't do much last night... got more product together to hand off today... XR Sized, vegged...

that's about it.

Hawkwind and Yakumo both got in the AoM testing... Funny thing is that I sent them the URL, but forgot to sign up myself... Anyways, I'm sure they'll do great... and I'm glad for them.

Need to cash some checks today and pay off Oz... I've made just enough through the machines so far to pay them off. That's amusing. Also need to call the buyer back and see what's happening... They said 1-2 days, and this'll be three.

I really should install a local copy of MySQL or Oracle or something... I'm thinking about some db designs, and really need a development environment to play with.

I should also look up those fools I did a website for last year who never paid me. They owe me a few hundred $.

It's another boring day at work... still nothing working that should have been 2 weeks ago.

Guess I'll go figure out how to keep myself occupied.

Hmmm, also need to think about lunch with Rodimus and S.

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