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another day

let's see...

went to Thai with Morphine, Hunnybee, and Rodimus... it was soooooo gooooooddd... thai toast, spicy basil chicken, jasmine tea, and a little mango and something icecream.... I couldn't move after...

then back to my place, finished cleaning here and there, then began to mud a bit while waiting... when they all showed up, I put in Boondock Saints... we had a few beers and enjoyed the show... RedneckNinja called during, I told them I'd call them back later.

After it was over, we watched the outtakes and deleted scenes, then Mission Hill... and chatted a bit... but then it was time for them to go since it was approaching midnight and some of us had to work in the am.

I let Morphine take my 17" monitor in hopes they'll like it and want to buy it from me.

Tried to call RedneckNinja back, but they didn't answer... prolly asleep. I did want to find out what happened to them, since they had said they were limping...

Getting to sleep was remarkably difficult considering how exhausted I felt... But I forced it, and finally fell into a nice deep sleep for a few hours... had to get up around 4 for some reason, but then I was good until the alarm scared the living crap outta me... I reset it for 1/2 hour later and fell back asleep... then it startled me again, so I got up for the day...

I was dreading being here... and I've done my best to get to work, but it's hard... Any opportunity to do something else, I've taken.

Prolly go to the store then home for lunch... might just stay there... my boss told me that there are several others working from home today, and he's thinking about it as well...

Drank some really good tea - Stash Chai Spice... yummy.

I'm going to delete my previous entry since it goes against the grain of what I want in here... or at least edit it.

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