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so went home for lunch yesterday... uneventful.. cut it a bit short because I basically wanted to get back home ASAP and sitting around home when I had to go back to work just wasn't productive...

worked... I use that lerm loosely... didn't do jack, basically... read up on a few things... AardWolf MUD, which led into MCCP, MCP, and clients supporting MCCP which led into zlib and RoAClient, which of course pointed me to PNG, and Aurealan Realms... among the normal news, comics, and such I glance through each day.

Boss left early, I left 10 minutes later...

Went home, logged on to the irritating PK MUD... and while I was out questing, was blinded by a mob... then some asshole PKer comes along and sleeps me... so I quit.

Went and installed the new client and tried it out on the MUD it was made for... which was irritating in its own ways.. I like some of the things they did... but others - especially the name restrictions - were just too irritating. I understand that some names probably aren't appropriate for the mood you're trying to create, but I always considered my primary name far enough into the acceptable realm... and my tertiary name was already taken by a mob... not to mention there was no way to even justify it through RP or anything, which they say they're all about... anyway, client had some neat features...

back to the other mud I've decided to play regularly... I spent many hours there playing it, I used the new client due to the MCCP support, and the fact you get 2 extra qp per quest by using it... and qp are hard to come by there... also managed to find a nice speedwalking page that works perfectly cut'n'paste... which made things alot easier... and pk is limited, so... it's all good. another neat feature, besides the amazing level of recoding they've done, is when someone gets to SH, everyone gets 15 mins of double xp.. and that happened back to back... so 30 mins of power levelling can't be argued with like that... and the auction channel.. there's always something on there that's interesting... I've got a few nifty items now, stored and waiting for me to gain a few levels... I didn't realize the level restrictions for quitting, so I'm glad I bid on the low stuff only.

RedneckNinja called, and we talked about their weekend...

I finally had dinner late... Popped back into the PK mud to wait out my sleep time, since only 1 member of the big PK clan was on... just kept going afk until it was over.. woke up, and that PKer was hovering over me... but I recalled and it was ok. 40 minutes, blah... then I joined a clan for protection... it hurt to think of the answer to their entrance riddle, but I got it pretty quick... a few ticks, and 1 guess I knew was wrong. Explored the clan hall a bit, tried to help a few people out.. this while waiting for the pill I popped to sink in.. then logged.

checked work email real quick... then tried to crash...

could not get to sleep... tossed, turned, etc... finally drifted off... then woke up sometime ungodly... felt sick... spent time in the broom... finally got back to bed and passed out for awhile... woke up again, early... drifted off lightly... alarm.. bleh

so got up, got ready.. almost got suckered into watching th tv, but turned it off and came to work. joy.

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