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the right choice

oh yeah, went to Chinese for lunch yesterday... I was missed, hadn't been there in ~2 weeks... there's a new server... kinda cute....

anyways, back to where I left off.

so I snack, have a beer, and take a nap last night... I wake up and decide to get a few things done. I clean up the living room, rearrange the media shelf so that all the DVDs and CDs now fit in the shelf itself, not all piled on top of it (there's still a huge space on the DVD shelves, but my Escaflowne box set should be in in a few weeks), and do a bit or trash management in the ktichen. Then I dig into the piles of mail that have accumulated over the past month or so... including unpaid bills...

RedneckNinja calls as I'm sending the water bill in electronically... we chat for awhile about mundane things, including the fact that Jingoro now has a mobile... and all that fun stuff... I crack open the Captain Morgan Gold I had bought a few weeks ago to try - at first, it's okay.. Kinda like a Smirnoff Ice to start, with a spicy rum center, and a caramel finish...

After that, I eat dinner and veg for a few hours... XR Size... Decide that I can't stand to finish the Capt Morgan Gold... and finally crash out on the couch...

I wake up and just lie on the couch for a bit... and the phone rings again.. RedneckNinja... they're tormented by inner demons and need to talk... I end up challenging them - either they go out and put forth a real effort to find an SO like they keep bitching they need to, or they STFU and stop whining. They agree to try... Saturday... I demand at least 8 hours of being in public places talking to people. So we'll see. If nothing else, it distracted them from their other issues for awhile.

Went to bed, then... woke up pretty early - 5:30am or so.. decided to log an and veg for a bit... then headed back to sleep... got up again, had breakfast... chatted a bit...

Got the scoop on last night's gathering, and I called it right. I would have done nothing but eat and leave - staying home was the better option.

Today... I'll be making sure I get something done - probably put laundry away and start on new loads.. maybe put a few things up on ebay... vacuum.. clean.. organize... also, XR Size... some vegging.. some laundry... etc...

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