Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu


I'd be annoyed with myself for not posting an entry yesterday other than the fact that a) nothing much happened and b) I did XR Size instead.

yesterday was just a typical day... drug myself outta bed, wanting desperately to sleep in rather than go to work and be bored... Got to work, did a few little things... went to Hayward's BBQ for lunch with Hawkwind, Rodimus, and R. Came back, did some work, sent a draft of stuff to Hawkwind, got feedback... figured out how to IMP myself on a local copy of ROM... then left a bit early.

went home, ate, and pretty much vegged... watched some tv, MUDded, IRCed, AoW2, etc... not much really... was tired early, so sacked out on the couch for a bit to the tv before moving to bed for the rest of the night.

woke up early this morning, and refused to get up early... played alarm tag 3 times I think... finally got up and out... went to NTB and my tire was there, even though they hadn't called (*grumble*).. sat and played BDX while I waited... Wandered out to see what was going on, and they had finished my car 15 minutes earlier, but didn't tell me (*grumble*)...

finally got to work... Boss chattered at me for awhile.. did a few little things, finished the thing for Hawkwind (go me, it wasn't due until COB)... and now I'm prepared to be bored... need lunch, but I've got a 1:00 meeting, bleh.

hmm Tigger is on...

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