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that'll learn me

I took the car in to get the tire repaired... of course I had been driving on it so long that the sidewall cracked, so I needed a new one... and they had 0 in stock. So I had them order one, and I've got a spare on until then...

went to BBQ with Rodimus... finally got more info on what had been said and such... *shrug* seems Taz is freaking out on everyone. big surprise.

*twiddling thumbs at work* Found out I've got stuff to do at 3... so I'm stuck here for awhile.. might have to do stuff later as well. I'm going to tell them I'm working from home in the morning tomorrow, then taking off early... gonna try to get a midday standby in order to just get OUT of HERE.

got to pack early, lots of stuff I need to take with me... prolly forget half of it anyway.

and laundry, must do laundry tonight..

ow, RSI flare up again today... a few days without the laptop will be a Very Good Thing.

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