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ok, this has to stop

stupid waking up early morning insomnia crap... not to mention dreams... evidently I've got a whole lotta subconscious things to sort out... this morning it was bees/wasps... there was some experiment going on in some house, and I went in to be stung... only I grabbed the lone wasp that tried and ripped it in half.

still didn't post about Fri night, so... Fri I worked from home all day, didn't get much done... Went to teppanyaki with Morphine, Hunnybee, Rodimus, S, and G. Place I hadn't been to before - it was very good and inexpensive. The chef put on a good show, and was personable as well. As usual, I caught all the shrimp and such tossed my way.

After, we went to Half Price Books... I was trying to be good.. then I saw a Transmetropolitain... so I went ahead and got... and since I was buying... bought a Discworld comic as well... 2 Pratchett books... and a Cadigan...

Then we went for beer... lots of beer... a shopping cart full... I'm not sure how much $ we spent, but...

Then my place... I got there first and packed the fridge full of beer... it was beautiful... so much beer...

DDR and such for a few hours... then just vegging and chatting... I think Morphine and Hunnybee left at about 1:30am...

Saturday I didn't do anything but work... hadn't slept much, was on the phone working by 9:30am... took a break for lunch around 1p, dinner around 5p... and I thinkI started my last test and logged off around midnight.

Sunday, didn't sleep well again... stuck around the house vegging... got up early, mudded for a bit, went back to sleep... contacted Morphine and Hunnybee about dinner... vegged until dinnertime...

Called Chichi as I left for dinner, and talked until I got there. They had 2 transfusions that morning, and were still recovering. They asked about Taz... so now they know. Their thoughts were the same as everyone else's - "wtf? Why are they ruining their life like that? They must be psycho."

Dinner was awesome. I went for hot, Morphine and Hunnybee went for medium... soo good.. I couldn't finish it. They ordered desert... good stuff..

Then we went to Target... played around and shopped... ended up deciding to buy bikes sometime and start going riding regularly... I didn't get anything.

Then the store... I needed a few things to last until Thursday, so I bought stuff...

Then my place for a movie... had Home Movies on for a bit, then put The Usual Suspects in... damn I wish I hadn't known whodunit beforehand. Still, a good movie... I really enjoyed it, although it wasn't quite what I expected. We chatted about it for a bit, then they left... and I crashed..

Took a bit of effort to get to sleep, didn't sleep well... but that brings us to this morning, and up to date with me at work. joy.

I can't wait to get the hell out of town.

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