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interesting afternoon

so I stirred up some things this morning... logged off for a bit to let them start going...

checked in before lunch and saw things weren't moving... called my primary contact - lo and behold, they were out today... so I had to email and call another person... who seems to have slowly started things moving...

then, this other person I talked to this morning was clueless... so I told them to check the server logs... their response was "what server? what logs? what login?" duh... then they called back to say they were leaving for the weekend and would continue on monday... I pointed out the fact that this whole this is due monday... and they said they'd get someone else to work on it..

so I tried to get into my work voicemail... failed... had a few emotional spikes regarding Taz, but they died down quickly.

ended up chatting with Hunnybee for quite awhile... good conversation, got their opinions on recent events and such... finally found out some answers to previous questions...

logged back in after eating, responded to one email within a minute of it being sent... and waited....

finally phone rang, and got some action started.... supposed to hear back in about an hour about what they've found...

looks like there's a plan tonight... Teppanyaki, then beer run, then back here for ddr/movie night... should be fun.

I'm quite aware that I should be pushing harder for people to move at work, but can't bring myself to bother... in a way, I'm glad... the work pressure isn't as bad when I'm mellow about it... then again, there's this underlying loyalty/work ethic thing... ah well.

either it'll get done, or it won't. and it really doesn't matter in the larger longer view.

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