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tough to get moving this morning... settled for just working from home, although I think I have to go in later to have a meeting with Hawkwind, who is somewhat my new boss.

I pretty much flaked on work last night... Did a little bit, figured out a stopping point I could use to justify not completing the stuff... and called Ankh back.

I called to tell them details on the issues RedneckNinja ahs with them... but 2 hours later....

Normally, I don't do phone sex.... neither do they...

anyways, got to sleep around 2 or so... slept well for awhile, then was awake entirely too early... forced myself to sleep more...

finally got up just before 8, checked a few things online, and logged in to start work. Found another issue, and resolved the first one on my own. Also started working with someone to figure out why the servers are dying after on 30 minutes under light load.

have the urge to with just mud and such all day, or go out and shop... anything but work. too bad I really need to get the work done.

I just realized a bit ago that I didn't turn the TV on at all last night... wild.

I'm going to try yet again to really look at what I want to change in my life and make at least some of those changes.... get rid of garage, get rid of cable (not cable modem)... that's already about $100 a month right there... actually get in gear and sell off all this extra crap I own but never use.. or even look at... borrow a damn digicam like I meant to a few months ago and take some pics of the stuff I wanna sell and just ebay it for whatever I get.... offload the arcade machines.... MTG Cards... LDs... manga... board games... prolly some books... maybe my fansubs... NES... RC car... Lazer Tag... 2nd PSX... maybe my DDR pads... just all this crap.

and XRSize... I was bad last night and didn't do much... just a bit of DMX. Didn't stretch or do crunches... tsk tsk tsk...

the reasons for these changes are many.. I'd like to feel healthier again... I'd like to look a bit fitter, as well... maybe even get back into fencing... might also change my diet to help with that... and have more $ available to either store away, use towards paying off my car, or new toys... anything but staying where I am atm, which is worried about the $ and the fine line I'm walking with it, anything but feeling like I'm becomeing a slug, anything but having to move the metric shit ton of crap I have again.... True, there will be new crap... but I'd like to think I'd at least use the new crap.. for awhile at least...

Anyways, I'd better log back in to work and see what's being attempted in the way of screwing up my chances of getting everything done today.

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