Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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mood swinging up a storm

and, could the day get any worse?

wait, don't answer that.

decided to stop mudding and go to ddr... my dmx machine was broken yet again - this time it was serious. someone had not only completly killed the coin slot and mech by ripping the front piece off, but they also managed to remove one of the sensor covers completely.. it was more like planned sabotage than anything else. and of course it's been down since sometime on fri, so I missed the two $$ days.. and no one fucking told me until today.

so Rodimus and I fixed it.

I played a little, then was so disgusted that I had to leave. the trip home was a test in nerves with rush hour idiots all over the place.

so now I suppose I'll get to work, maybe have something to eat... bleh

and my moods have been swinging even more violently... from murderous to suicidal... then apathetic and emotionless... then over to despair and heartache. it's hard to deal when they keep changing so fast.

don't know what I need, but hopefully talking to RedneckNinja later will help.. I may have to make some other calls as well.

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