Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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had lunch with Rodimus, Hawkwind, Morphine, and Hunnybee.. there's a new waitress at Chinese.

back to work to discover I can't do shit until after 5, so I came home.

sent my lj url to Ankh and Taz, I figure WTF, eh? I have a problem with using this as a substitution for conversation in a relationship... and since I'm not going to have a relationship with either of them... *shrug*

been alternating with bouts of zoning, aggression, misery, and apathy.

didn't eat well at lunch, no real appetite.

but eating made the headache go away for a bit.

now I'm going to mud for the sole purpose of slaughtering mobs. later I might ddr to wear myself out and work out the aggression. and, of course, work.

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