Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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aloofy pain

so... slept on the couch half the night, since I was watching something and fell asleep rather early... moved to bed.. then woke up before the alarm.. was pretty ok.

work... pain... stupid people everywhere...

lunch... Rodimus and I went to the store, then came back here to chat and eat... cheaper that way.. realized I had left my phone here.

back to work... more stupid people. frustration. boredom. chrcked my mobile voicemail, Taz had called... again wanting to get their stuff back.

left a little early, came home.. Taz calls. 4 calls where one mobile or the other drops. Says something about me being hard to get ahold of. I call them back from the landline, and they get another call - so they're supposed to call me back.

is it any wonder I'm apathetic about them? I mean, if the only reason they call is to get their stuff back... and anyone else calling automatically overrides our conversation... bah

so I'm not holding my breath.

anyway, dinner... I'm so out of it I think I'm going to get my mud char killed. oh well.

i should go to the arcade and get some XRSize... I prolly will just hang at home and do stretches and crunches.

headache threatens.

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