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might as well update

not sure where I left off, but came home early yesterday to veg then work a bit... tho work didn't go, so...

spent some time mudding and chatting and such.... Tigger.. Catmistress, finally... Ankh... Taz left a message via ICQ stating they wanted to come get their crap... I didn't answer.

I managed to get the laundry put away and such yesterday, which was nice.

today.... went to work, nothing was working... went home for lunch when I found out the systems would be down for awhile... managed to drag myself back to work... systems still down.... went stir crazy... boss seemed to be in a bad mood.. finally left early.... came home to veg, eat.... mud, etc.... then worked for a bit... things were working well enough to get a few little things done... wasn't in the mood, but sat myself down and willed myself through it.. wasn't that bad...

now... dunno... might chat or mud or something... but RSI is flaring up, so... bleh

there's a really nice storm going.. lots of lightning.... I need to go to the store tomorrow prolly...

hmmm, owe Oz some $... but my credit card has a balance, so I really need to pay it off... hopefully I can shift funds just right and be ok on the next check to pay off Oz and scrape through until the next one for rent... hmmm

gah, I had more to write, but I don't recall what it was... bleh..

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