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It occurs to me, as I shotgun my resume out yet again to another dozen companies I will probably not hear from until 3 weeks later when I received a form letter in the snail mail regarding their choice of a different candidate for the position, that the current situation I'm in is just as harmful as having the previous job was. Therefore, I should devote all my energy to keeping sane and obtaining a job asap.

It also was pointed out to me that I cannot be sure I am over being ill until 7-10 days after the start. Wed will be day 7. I also realize, after attempting a couple of phone conversations, that I am stiff sufficient stuffed up so as to make my speech (normally mumbly at best) garbled beyond comprehension.

And another point is that if I use up all my past details in the first few days, I will have nothing left to write for the remainder.. until something exciting happens.

I am also reminded, looking around at the boxes of stuff that are mine still stacked haphazardly around, that I have too much crap. Part of my self-rehabilitation should include ridding myself of more of it. No more excuses.

I've got a touch of cabin fever, and it's overcast, damp, and chilly outside. Not a good combination when I'm trying to be fully well ASAP. So I sit and read in bed with mounds of blankets and sheets over me, with the windows opened a bit to let fresh air in.

And I do laundry, to rinse the aura of sickness out of my bedclothes.

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