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strange sunday

kinda mellow... chichi and haha called... I spent the day doing laundry and napping... wendy's for lunch... RedneckNinja called for a bit... ate pasta for dinner while watching Adult Swim...

slept on the couch all night due to not finishing the sheets by the time I crashed...

slept fitfully, woke up a few times...

slept in

finally dragged myself up and out to work... did a little, went to the store and came home for lunch... went back to work and did jack until I left around 4... mudded for a bit, then ate and logged into see if things were fixed at work.. not...

trying to decide whether to make the bed and put clothes away, put the clean dishes away, work on some other misc organizing/cleaning, veg to tv, watch a movie, or just sleep.

sleep sounds best.

y'know, I haven't talked to or seen Taz for like a week now... I know they were at work today, but they didn't stop by... they haven't called... so much for me being a part of their life, eh?

I'm kinda apathetic to the whole thing, although I must admit I'm still a sucker... if they call... I'll answer.

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