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so work sucked hardcore

people were there until 5am because they were stupid and didn't think to call me.... of course they're contractors, so wasting time is what they do.

I get in and spend some time fixing all their crap, then have to go to a meeting... then run the shit...

then lunch with the boss.. always good to get unofficial info on what's going on...

back to work, fixed more crap.... had my performance review/plan.... back to working on shit, then realize how stupidly things are arranged... spend an hour discussing improvements on things... then the rest of the day writing them up and fixing more damn mistakes in the code....

finally get outta there at 4:30.... have to check email in the morning to see what's going on... prolly have to work from home for awhile.

come home, eat.... and spend a couple hours vegging, catching up online, etc... tried to nap, but no go...

now I dunno what to do.. I'm feeling pretty shitty, sickly even... back is acting up, stomach grumbling, etc... but I don't just wanna sit here all night.. yet I'm feeling antisocial as well...

kinda like violent cabin fever on speed. Some days I'm just a psychopath... or is it sociopath? anywayss...

What I really wanna do is bang someone's brains out... whether it's sexually or with a hammer, I'm not quite sure.

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