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home again

that was... something.

slightly interesting, I suppose.

Rodimus and S, G, J, someone I hadn't ever heard of before today, and Taz and their sibling all at Chinese for dinner.

I was in an isolated mood, but not necessarily bad.

I think Taz thought I was in a bad mood... and their sibling prolly didn't like me much. *Shrug*

I'd say I got a hug from Taz before they left, but that would imply emotion... and there wasn't any, really.

I bought their dinner, just because. I do that.

Perhaps I'm a sucker.

Anyway, G and J were all about how great B was before they showed up - but I wasn't impressed.

I allowed myself to get lost in the presence of Taz again. I should probably quit that. It's not helping any.

anyway, more I want to say.... not much I feel like writing right now.

I'm not really caring about much right now. Have to be careful, I've had urges to let the dark side out again... And really, no one deserves to be on the receiving end of that right now.

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