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so went into work a little early today... damn tire already deflated, so I scraped the living fuck outta my frame again...

I finally was able to figure out part of the issue at work, although by the end of the day it still wasn't working.... left a bit early, just after my boss did.

Chatted a bit with Tigger, and went to Chinese for lunch... Invited Taz and sibling, but they weren't up for it... rescheduled for tomorrow.

Came home and called Ankh. It was good to talk to them again, I'm afraid to say... Easy to fall into the old conversation patterns, even with the new topics. I'm still a bit disappointed in them, that they can't say no to me.

Ate dinner...

Taz called, they got a new car... tho it's still a damn VW bug... bleh. Anyways, they're supposed to get some things done for me for work tonight/tomorrow... and dinner tomorrow night with, well, everyone. *

now just vegging and catching up... there's a remote possibility I'll go to the mall for some PIU action, but I'll prolly settle for XRSize@home.

* EDIT: I forgot to post the interesting part... doh... For some reason, I felt much closer to Taz during this conversation than I have in weeks... Dunno, strange stuff. I suppose part of it was the conversation with Ankh and realizing that Taz is alot like me... and the best way to deal with me is just wait it out sometimes...

Oh and I found out a bit more about Taz's ICQ and other conversations... kinda funny how things get said and passed around. Not bad, not surprising, just... If they want to know, they should ask ME.

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