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sorting things out for myself

been taking it easy today.. slept in, napped, etc....

got a little laundry and misc cleaning, etc done...

talked to Haha for a bit...

spent some time thinking what I want to say to Taz and how to say it... I was going to anyways, but RedneckNinja advocated preparing exact wording and such, so...

Here we go:
You are aware that I was already having a bad day, and week... What I heard you say was this, "I had an amazing time without you last night. In fact, not only did I have more fun without you than I've ever had with you... But I also never once thought about you. I got really drunk, and had another person whose name I don't want you to know take me home. There are already rumors that we're fucking because of our actions. Just to rub your nose in it, all these other people were there. In fact, I deliberately tweaked your boss and mine by talking to the VP. Aren't office politics fun? Now that I've shown you how unimportant you are, I'll finally move on to another topic - no, wait, in order to demonstrate how low you are on my priorities, I'm going to answer this other call and talk to them for two hours." And then you called back and wondered what my problem was. At that point, I was so completely pissed off, hurt, and depressed, that I wanted to just tear into you and deliberately hurt you so bad you'd never ever even be able to think of me again, let alone speak to me. So I told you that it wasn't the time to discuss it - and you wouldn't take the hint, and almost pushed me to start unloading on you. I held out long enough to hang up and get into my bedroom, where I was able to take most of it out on my pillows and such.


That's about as far as I've gone as of yet. I may just stop there, their reaction will determine the rest.

I suppose I'll just do... something... veg or whatnot... try to get the machine to boot again... clean more...

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