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something's up

I'm just not sure what

sent the long email yesterday... Taz has read it, but hasn't responded to it yet. We've talked, but...

was antsy at work all afternoon, left early.. I had gotten in late... went to chinese alone for lunch.

came home to sleep.

I need to get over whatever this is.. work will be picking up after the holiday for about 2 months... I've got a 4 day weekend that I'm not doing anything with.

need to curb my spending a bit, I let it get out of hand for awhile, and I'm now a bit too close to the income/spending line... I've been charging everything, so the cc bill is a bit large.

ah well, I'll figure it out soon - like usual.

I've been contemplating the fact lately that I really hate phones. Kinda funny, since I work for a telecom company... but true. Phones have their uses - keeping in touch with friends and relatives that are far away, making quick plan changes when going out with friends, and emergencies. They are also somewhat useful at work. However, this always on the phone like it's the most important thing in life thing has got to stop. It's not okay to be on the phone when you're on a date. It's not okay to be on the phone while you're driving and not paying attention to the road. It's not okay to let the phone interrupt your life.

So I say - have a phone.. use it... but dammit, hang it the fuck up once in awhile, ok? damn.

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