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so yeah after I woke up early and check the movie showtimes, I called Haha for the day's well wishes... then went out to see Spider Man... It was good... there was a little bit of glaring inconsistency and some glossed over questions... but overall, I was impressed with it. Jingoro was right, it was worth staying until the credits were over - that was a nice touch. I disagree in some ways with what Jingoro was stating with the fight scenes - no, they weren't obviously borrowing moves from Matrix and CTHD like so many that have come out since... but they were stilll borrowing them... albeit in a much more subtle way than most... and there were some X-Men influences as well... but I don't recall anything even close to the bridge scene.

then I headed over to Chinese... had to support their once-a-year buffet...

came home and have just been vegging.. catching up on boards... and planning the new db tables...

had an ICQ from Taz... "Are you OK? I think I'm about cried out. I'll accept whatever you need to do for your sanity but I don't want to lose our friendship if at all possible. I miss you.:'-("


I sent them a b-day eCard earlier... and we're still supposed to go tomorrow night to Alanis. I figure it was a b-day present, the tickets are already bought, and Alanis rocks live.

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